Parramatta 2013

Parramatta 2013
February 2, 2016 andrea
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A new strategic plan for Parramatta.

In 2013, the city council approves Parramatta 2038: Community Strategic Plan (Parramatta City Council, 2013).

Community Strategic Plans are mandatory as of the 2009 Integrated Planning & Reporting Framework, introduced by the New South Wales Government to reform local planning within the 1993 act (NWS Government, 2013). The framework requires Councils to prepare a suite of different documents that are hierarchically interlinked and embed a reporting circle in the delivery of planning documents.

Planning Framework in NSW - NSW Government, 2013:6

Planning Framework in NSW – NSW Government, 2013:6

Parramatta will be the driving force and heart of Australia’s most significant economic region; a vibrant home for diverse communities and a centre of excellence in research, education and enterprise. To achieve this vision, Parramatta 2038 outlines six strategic objectives and details how these objectives can be achieved:

+ Parramatta’s economic growth will help build the City as a centre of high, value-adding employment and the driving force behind the generation of new wealth for Western Sydney.

+ Parramatta will be an ecoefficient city that effectively manages and uses the City’s growth to improve and protect the environment.

+ Parramatta will be a city with fast, reliable transport and digital networks that connect people to each other, to the information and services they need and to where they need to go.

+ Parramatta will be a world-class city at the centre of Sydney that attracts a diversity of people: a city where people can learn, succeed and find what they need; a city where people live well, get together with others, feel like they belong and can reach their potential.

+ Parramatta will be a place where people want to be: a place that provides opportunities to relate to one another, the City and the local area; a place that celebrates its cultural and sporting heritage; and a place that uses its energy and cultural richness to improve quality of life and drive positive growth and joy.

+ Parramatta will be widely known as a great city, a centre of excellence and an effective capital of Western Sydney, with inspirational leadership and good governance (Parramatta City Council, 2013:5)



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Parramatta City Council. (2013). Parramatta 2038: Community Strategic Plan. Parramatta: PCC.


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